Unable to update after upgrading from centos 7 to centos 8


I used the guide at
to upgrade centos 7 to centos 8.
The upgrade did indeed take place, but having problems
running dnf update.

Please see output of the command dnf -y update at

Thank You for you help.

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jd1008 3 months 2 Answers 116 views

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  1. Can you paste the error message here, instead of in the other attachment please?

  2. Hi jd1008,

    Officially you can’t upgrade from CentOS 7 to CentOS 8. As of now, it is recommended to do a fresh install of CentOS 8.

    As CentOS do not have any official support for this, you’re likely to have many problems. It is also not a good idea to do unsupported upgrades on production machines.

    I also recommend you do a fresh install of CentOS 8 on your computer.

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