Ubuntu fully running from PXE Boot on diskless client pc


A superb tutorial on how to configure PXE to install Ubuntu on client pc. https://linuxhint.com/pxe_boot_ubuntu_server/

I would like to know how to configure PXE to run a working Ubuntu OS on the client pc. My client pc is diskless so I don´t exactly want to install Ubuntu rather than run the image with some apps already install and data since I don’t have any storage on the client pc.

What I have tried without any success is to install Ubuntu on a USB stick, then add data (some pictures), finally convert it to an iso file and use it instead of the Ubuntu live CD/DVD, but still shows the live CD/DVD (like Try Ubuntu).

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Wilber S 3 months 1 Answer 215 views

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  1. Hi Wilber,

    For Ubuntu diskless booting, you have to,

    • set up an iSCSI server
    • setup a target iSCSI disk
    • boot Ubuntu installer ISO image
    • install Ubuntu to the iSCSI target disk over the network
    • Use iPXE to boot Ubuntu from the iSCSI target disk over the network.

    Basically, these are the steps. I’ve never tried it.

    If you’re going to try this, let me know how it goes.


    I wish you all the best.



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