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I have used Timeshift to back up my Mint 19 that is on a dual boot 250Gb drive (Mint partition is 100Gb approx.) I have successfully restored the backup to the original disk partition but when I try and restore this backup to a new 120Gb drive it restores all my programs but it has not restored the settings (such as my email settings in Thunderbird, taskbar icons, etc.) What might I be doing wrong?

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  1. Hi Arti,

    on LinuxMint Timeshift, by default, user HOME directories are excluded from the backup. As the user settings and configurations are stored in the users HOME directories, not backing them up would mean the settings and configurations are lost.

    To enable backing up user home directories, you have to go to the Timeshift Settings > Users and check the Include All option for the users that you want to backup home directories of.

    Hopefully, it will solve your problems.

    Good luck!

    Shahriar Shovon


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