Resizing of the VM filesystem doesn’t work


I’m using the Oracle Virtual Box 5.2.28 and tried to increase the virtual partition. I followed all the steps described, but when I look into the virtual machine’s partiotioning with the dfblk command I see only

sda 10 GB

  • sda1 10GB

There is no swap partition and sda is 10 GB as was before I increased the sie with the Global Tools in the VirtualBox Manager. What am I doing wrong?

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G.Eber 4 months 3 Answers 165 views

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  1. Hi G.Eber,

    I suggest you boot a Live Ubuntu DVD (or any Live Linux OS) and start GParted. Then, you should be able to expand the partition and resize the filesystem from there.

    While you resize the partitions, make sure the partitions are not mounted.

    Are you using LVM?



    Shahriar Shovon

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    • At first, when I modified the original vdi file with modifyhd, gparted showed only the original size of the partition, I then tried to modify a copy of the vdi file, which I had saved before. With this modifyhd worked and gparted worked as well (heaven knows why).

      Thanks for your help

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