Module vmmon not found in directory


I have installed Manjaro 18.1.1 (Kernel 5.2.21) a few days ago. Next step i wanted to install vmware player with this help: Link

It all worked great till the point “Now load the VMware kernel modules with the following command:” With the command “sudo modprobe -a vmw_vmci vmmon” as its explained i get following warning: “modprobe: WARNING: Module vmmon not found in directory /lib/modules/5.2.21-1-MANJARO”. I’ve search and tried more solutions but at the end i always had to enter this command i wrote above.

Of course i reinstalled Vmware and tried older versions.

Note: The goal is to install vmware player version 14!

Is there somebody who can help me with this problem?


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  1. Hi aze,

    It looks like a kernel mismatch issue. You’ve installed VMware Player and but you might not have the correct kernel headers installed.

    First, upgrade Manjaro as follows:

    $ sudo pacman -Syu


    Once the upgrade operation is complete, reboot Manjaro as follows:

    $ sudo reboot


    Then, install Linux kernel headers as follows:

    $ sudo pacman -Sy linux linux-headers


    Once Linux kernel headers are installed, reinstall VMware Player. It should work.


    I wish you all the best.


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  2. Hi Shahriar Shovon,

    Thank you for your hint. I’ve tried what you said but sadly whitout success. After i reinstalled vmware player and made a new VM i got the same error message again :/ Is there any other options i can try?

    Thanks for help.

  3. you can try VMware Player 15, the latest one and see if it works.

    You’re welcome.


    • I go the same problem with the latest version. Also the version 15 is only a free trial version for about 30 days or something like that…or i am wrong?

      So i’d rather use version 14.

      sry for answering that late i was afk yesterday btw.

      • VMware Player is free for personal use. VMware Workstation Pro is the paid version of VMware Player. VMware Workstation Pro comes with more features than VMware Player.

        I see. Do you get any error message like ‘kernel compilation failed’ when you start VMware Player? If you do, does it tell you to read some log file?

        Usually a log file is generated explaining what went wrong during the kernel compilation. If your system is missing some important packages required for kernel compilation, the log file also tells you to install them. That’s the case for VMware Workstation Pro.

  4. Hi,

    Sorry for anwering that late i was busy the past few days.

    The following are the error messages:”Could not open /dev/vmmon: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden.
    Please make sure that the kernel module `vmmon’ is loaded.” Sorry for half German 😛

    When i close the Error Windows it follows the next:”Failed to initialize monitor device.

    How should i continue?

    • It’s okay. 🙂 No problem.


      Try this.

      Uninstall VMware Player with the following command:

      $ sudo vmware-installer -u vmware-player


      and install VMware Player again.


      If it still does not work, I think it’s something to do with UEFI secure boot. Do you have UEFI Secure Boot enabled in the BIOS of your computer?

  5. Meanwhile i getting sick of Manjaro. There are so many things which not work correktly.

    Yesterday i noticed that even USB-Sticks not beeing detected. That was the Point i had to say goodbye to Manjaro and going back to Ubuntu!

    Thank you for the support. I hope it was not to ornate for you.

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