Mine bitcoin with Cgminer in Linux


I have a Lubuntu machine.  The last bit of instruction you gave me seemed to do something but now I do this..

dirtydog@dirtydog-RS690M2MA:/usr/src/cgminer$ sudo make
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.

And I get that.


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  1. Not really sure why that happens. But I think, the Makefile file was deleted somehow.

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  2. Are you sure you run configure step?

    • I’ve run all the code on the website tutorial and the code you emailed me to try.  I’ve installed Ubuntu 18.04 if that might make a difference.

      Just to make sure though, what would the configuration step look like?


      btw, thanks for replying I do appreciate it.




  3. Maybe we need to refresh the tutorial with better steps

  4. Are you using CPU, GPU, or FPGA?

    Just out of curiousity are you making money with bitcoin, or think its a good money making idea?

  5. I was mining just to try it.  And I have the capacity to do CPU or GPU mining.  I do not have an asic miner.

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