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Hi, I followed the guide to install Maya 2019 on Ubuntu 19.04. It worked. However, the libpng-12 installed during the process seems to give me issues with other applications that require the same library.

I noticed you download libpng-12 and another lib as rpm for Fedora/rhle and then you convert them to deb. Was this absolutely necessary or these libs can be also downloaded as native deb for older versions of Ubuntu such as the one in this link?

Maybe installing libraries originated for the right architecture could fix my issues with other applications requiring libpng-12?


thank you


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  1. Hi mzo,

    I tried installing the libpng-12 library from older version of Ubuntu. The DEB package won’t install on Ubuntu 19.04. But, I got it working by downloading the DEB package manually and extracting it. Then, copying the to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ directory.

    I thought that’s a lot of manual work. So, I used the rpm version of the library instead.

    You can also try another thing. Copy the to Maya’s own library directory. The directory should be inside /usr/autodesk/maya2019/ directory.



    Shahriar Shovon

  2. Hi Shahriar,

    Thanks for the explanation. I went on and removed the libpng12 and libpng15 installed via rpm and reinstalled them manually: I used the .deb package (manually uncompressed) for libpng12, while I built libpng15 from source. In this way I made sure these two libraries have no problems on my system. Maya still works as expected.

    However, I still haven’t solved my other libpng12 problem related to the other app I mentioned (3DCoat) but at least I now know that problem is not related to the rpm libraries I installed for Maya.

    Finally, I noticed a minor issue with interface font rendering on the Maya floating tool attribute windows (such as those appearing when you use PolySmooth or Poly Reduce). Do you have this issue as well?

    Many Thanks,





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  3. You’re welcome.

    I am not a Maya user. I am not much into 3D, to be honest. I like to try things out in Linux. That’s where this Maya article came from. Sorry, I don’t know how to solve this.




    • @Shahriar Shovon

      No worries, that is a minor issue, thanks anyway.

      On the other hand, are there any updates about a workaround for enabling 3D acceleration with non-Autodesk-certified Nvidia cards? That is a major drawback not being able to use the color management features, the viewport 2.0 functionalities are limited, some third parties renderers don’t work and the ones that work (such as Arnold and Redshift) have to use their own render view because using Maya integrated one crashes the app.

      That issue is very strange (and unbelievable that Autodesk let it be)  and must be entirely about some communication problem between Maya and the Nvdia drivers.  I have a GTX 1080Ti and that card is fully compatible with all the 3D applications around (including Maya on MacOS and Windows). There must be a fix for this because this card supports all the features that Maya requires to work, but I don’t know where to start to investigate this.

      Many Thanks,


  4. Happy to hear you managed to solve the main issue. What is exactly the problem with other apps?


      Hi, I had other libpng issues with other apps. This library is very critical when installing CG and VFX software on Linux. The issue I mentioned above was about 3D Coat, which has now been solved with the help of the developer.

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