Installing Linux Mint in MultiOS with Win7 & ArcaOS and AirBoot bootloader.


Existing installation is Win7 and ArcaOS 5.03 with AirBoot as bootloader.

AirBoot is on track 0 of HD.

Wish to add LinuxMint, this presumably needs special installation procedure whereby the bootloader for LinuxMint must be placed elsewhere, maybe in the partition of LinuxMint itself.   AirBoot should then point to Linux bootloader.

How is installation procedure for LinuxMint to be modified ?

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Jacobh 1 year 5 Answers 541 views

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  1. Hi Jacobh,

    If you’re using BIOS based hardware then the procedure is really simple. Just make an empty partition and install Linux mint on that partition. Make sure to set that partition as the root (/) directory of your Linux Mint.

    Also set GRUB bootloader installation location to /dev/sda, your whole hard drive, not any partition. It should replace your AirBoot bootloader with GRUB 2 and you should be able to boot into Linux Mint as well as your other operating systems.

    If you’re using UEFI based hardware, then you may have to create a small (about 500MB) EFI System partition as well.

    Let me know if it worked. Thanks.

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  2. Thanks for your reply, the system has a conventional BIOS.  I am not conversant with GRUB2 and would prefer to leave AirBoot alone if possible. Is it an  acceptable option to install GRUB2 in a small partition of its own or in the Mint directory itself ?



  3. You’re welcome.

    Well, that’s not possible because GRUB 2 is installed on the MBR of your hard drive and also on a partition. I don’t think you can keep these bootloaders together. But theres a way to do it. You can install Linux Mint on a separate hard drive. That way you can install GRUB bootloader on your secondary hard drive and leave the primary hard drive (the one you have right now) alone.



  4. OK. Thanks for the explanation.

    Regards, Jacobh

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