Installation Guide Maya 2019 Ubuntu 18.10 or if possible 19.04


Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Windows my whole life and I tried several times Linux(Ubuntu) and I loved it but at a certain point I ended up giving up because I couldn’t get the things I wanted to to run properly.

So let’s get to the point I need help I would like to have someone if possible to explain me how do I get Maya 2019 running on Ubuntu 18.10 or 19.04 without any errors. I tried it in the past with diferent Ubuntu versions and Maya versions and never achieved it so I ended up giving up.

If needed my systems specs.:

CPU.: i7 8700k
GPU.: GTX 1060 6Gb
RAM.: 16Gb

nvidia Drivers are installed and updated and I’m using Ubuntu 19.04 Beta I will wait till the final Ubuntu 19.04 version releases to start working though.

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jpcrosado 3 months 3 Answers 249 views

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  1. I think its time we write a new guide on installing Maya 2019 on Ubuntu 19.04.

    Can you wait a bit for this?

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