How do I update the kernel in Debian Buster?


This may be a good one for a future How To article as Debian Buster is in the very near future about to become the new stable release.

How does one update the kernel in Debian Buster which is still in Testing phase? I used your instructions for Debian 9 Stretch, (which work flawlessly on Stretch. Thank you!!) but I run into issues when following the same instructions with Buster. Is it because Buster is still considered Testing? Should I wait until Buster is released as Stable? If not how do I update the kernel using

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  1. Hi msfullroller,

    If you’ve tried building the kernel already following the steps on the article¬†How to Upgrade Kernel of Debian 9 Stretch from Source, then it should work. I think it’s because it is in beta. I recommend you wait for it to release.


    Thank you.


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    • I figured that’s why it did not work. Plus me not knowing exactly what to do to fix the issue that came up. So, I’ll wait since its not going to be that much longer before Buster becomes the new stable release.

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