How do I meet dependacies?


I attempted to install Calligra on my Linux Mint using terminal commands and I receive the response that I have not met the dependencies.    How do I fix that.

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  1. Hello kapolonczyk,

    You may run the following command to fix any dependency problems you may have.

    $ sudo apt-get -f install

    Let me know whether it worked.



    Shahriar Shovon

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  2. I have tried to copy and paste the message I received but I could not so I will just type it.

    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 84 not upgraded.

    Does that mean it worked or not?

    Thanks Kim Polonczyk

  3. Is Calligra working on your computer? If it does, then it worked.

  4. I do this and I receive the response 0 upgraded 0 to remove and 84 not upgrded

  5. Can you please copy and paste any error messages that you get while running Caligra?

  6. As said above by Shahriar Shovon try:
    apt-get -f install
    apt-get check
    apt –fix-broken install
    apt update


    Update us about your progress.

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