Dota 2 extremely laggy


Hey guys im very new to linux i’ve installed steam and dota 2 the experience is very bad its running but the lag is unbearable 10-20FPS . My laptop is core-i5 3rd generation, 500GB spinning harddrive , intel HD 3000 graphics. i investigated myself a little bit and found out that i need valkan API to make it run smoothly but unfortunately valkan doesn’t support 3rd generation intel HD graphics in windows 10 i was able to run it with 40FPS with DX09.

anyone had this issue ? any kind of help is appreciated


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Asif_Raza 7 months 3 Answers 297 views

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  1. Hi Asif_Raza,

    You’re right. Vulkan support is not available for Intel HD 3000 graphics. I don’t think there is a way to get it to work.

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